Manuscript Assessment

I offer manuscript assessment for any fiction or non-fiction work under 100,000 words, at $900 per manuscript. Any word count over that length can be negotiated. 

This includes a comprehensive macro and micro edit, with notations on the page and full editorial notes. I look at overall plot, structure and pace, narrative tension, POV, characterisation, inclusion of research elements, length and also on the detailed level of the sentence. I also give you advice on your readership, getting an agent, publication possibilities and marketing options once the work is finished. 

Manuscript assessment differs from line or copy editing. I edit for accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation but my essential focus will be on the big picture.

Email me on if you would like to discuss your project and book a manuscript assessment. 

Your assessment will be completed and emailed back to you within 7 working days. Payment is upfront and electronic manuscripts are encouraged.

Manuscript assessment works best if you have already revised and edited your work multiple times, given it to trusted readers such as your writing group, friends or beta readers, then revised it again. 

Manuscript assessment is for the stage where you can no longer do any more work on your manuscript and need a fresh pair of professional, objective eyes. You can ask for a general assessment or one which also focuses on problem areas that you are unsure of.

My aim is to make your work the absolute best it can be. I offer honest, professional feedback, honing in on both the strengths and weaknesses of your work. 

At the same time, I am sensitive to your own individual tone and style and your unique writer’s voice. I want to see your writing potential blossom in words.