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Katerina Cosgrove

Writer, Reader, Winter Swimmer

New title out soon:


I'm working on a cli-fi (climate change science fiction) novel set on a floating seastead off the coast of Tasmania in 2084. 

When the ageing, guilt-ridden leader of a greenie post-apocalyptic sea colony changes his mind about saving humanity, he must escape the living hell he's created and start life somewhere else. 

A new world of climate catastrophe demands we imagine our future with fresh eyes and unfamiliar tools. 2084 is one such depiction. It is born of urgency and passion; a compelling need to make friends with uncertainty.


 StarSeed, a seastead off the coast of Tasmania founded by entrepreneurs and environmental activists, is now a prison under a biocentric dictatorship. Most people are sterile. Markers such as ethnicity, culture, gender and sexual orientation are no longer divisive, as they once were onshore. In this alternative society, complex acts of supreme loyalty are the sole measure of survival.


This novel amplifies character relationships to boiling point and pits individual against collective, humanity against nature, hope against despair. Hope can be denial of reality, a turning away from the unbearable present moment. Yet hope can also be ‘an embrace of the unknown and the unknowable’, as Rebecca Solnit asserts; a hike through ravaged lands and new growth, equally embodying states of devastation and intense joy. This is the terrain we navigate, in our own lives, and in this novel.

My Story

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I was born in Sydney on the same day as my sister, eight years apart.

I’ve been a university tutor, co-owned bookshops and cafes (Sappho Books and Gertrude & Alice Cafe Bookstore),

and have a Bachelor of Communications (Hons) and a Doctorate (DCA), from the University
of Technology, Sydney.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with melanoma, with my sister dying of the same cancer the
following year to the month. This has strengthened my resolve to live each moment fully.

My first novel, THE GLASS HEART (HarperCollins, Aust/NZ, 2000), was also published in Greece by
Govostis Press. I travelled numerous times to Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria to
research my next novel, BONE ASH SKY (Hardie Grant, 2013, Aust/NZ/UK, Govostis, 2016) which I began with
the aid of an Australia Council grant and residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in
Ireland. A previous version of BONE ASH SKY was shortlisted for the ‘Writing Australia’
Unpublished Manuscript Award. My novella INTIMATE DISTANCE (Text, 2012) was one of the
winners of the Griffith Review/CAL Novella Prize.

I’ve written prize-winning short stories, featured in poetry and prose anthologies and my journalism has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian,

SBS Life, Daily Life, The Huffington Post, The Big Issue, whimn, 10 Daily, Kidspot,

Dumbo Feather and Australian Author. My work has been translated into many languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Italian.

I write obituaries and have been co-judging the Mark and Evette Moran Nib Award since 2014., as well as the Australia reMADE Poetry Competition in 2019.

My new novel, 2084, is in the genre of ‘cli-fi’ (climate change fiction), set
on a floating seastead off the coast of Tasmania.

I’m working on a novella, ZORBA THE BUDDHA, based on Osho/Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s time in Crete, and on a true crime story set in Melbourne in the early 60s.

I live in Queensland’s Noosa hinterland, on acreage surrounded by National Park, lakes, rivers and my beloved ocean.


When I write my only concern is accuracy. I try to write accurately from the poise of mind which lets us see that things are exactly what they seem. I never worry about beauty, if it's accurate there's always beauty. I never worry about form, if it is accurate there's always form.

Ring of Bone

Lew Welch



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